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bobby8Prepared By [email protected]. This summary report is just to give you an idea of what is going on with Xbox One and PS4. Some of the data or comments gather has no names, however, their comments are genuine they are the users of Xbox and PS4, I am a sport fanatic, I play all kinds of sports, I know when I see the truth from lies.

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By James Trivolette

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United StatesChristmas, Christmas time is here. Time for toys and time for cheers! Yes, that’s right! Christmas is just a month away. We are no in November and we are starting the count down until we all get the great (or not so great) gifts that we have been wanting all year long. Hot on this list is game consoles.

With Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all having next gen gaming consoles on the market, not to mention the slew of new twisty, bendy laptops and other gadgets, what is the best gaming platform?
I have always been a PlayStation man, however I did briefly own an Xbox 360 before the red ring of death got it. Then about 6 months ago, my PS3 blew up. What was a gamer to do? I did a lot of research. I found that the GPU, the unit that drives the graphics behind the 2 machines, PS4 and Xbox One, were both created by my favorite CPU/GPU creator, AMD. When AMD makes a chipset then you know it is built right. Therefore, that did not help me much in deciding.
The PlayStation 4 (PS4) does have a faster, higher grade of ram memory in it as it utilizes DDR5 and the Xbox One still uses the standard DDR4. Therefore, I was jumping at the bit to get my hands on the PS4. I am glad I did not, however.


I found a great bundle deal that had the Xbox One console, the Kinect camera, and a $60 game thrown in for the giggles. This bundle cost me $450 at Walmart and that was not during a sale such as Black Friday. That was the everyday bundle price at that time. Heck, without the game that system was running $499. By the way, Titanfall alone was worth buying the Xbox One when I did.

For starters, what may not be learned off the box the Xbox One comes with, is that the Xbox One is designed to use the cloud created by Microsoft called Azure. Being able to utilize this cloud (many, many different servers systems hooked up together) the Xbox One can harness the power of the servers it is connected to, giving the console the ability to be 4 times stronger than the hardware that is enclosed in this console. This was the icing on the cake for me.

Throw in that the Xbox One has both an HDMI out as well as HDMI in so that you can plug up your high def cable box to this console, so that you can control what you watch on TV through voice command and hand gestures, this console just gets more exciting! With a slew of Xbox One Apps now on the market for free, yes free, as of a couple months ago you no longer have to pay for a Gold Live account as you can now use the apps and play the games online for FREE!!

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By Ravi Sahni | Submitted On November 10, 2013

The most important question in the gaming world is; which has better graphics? However, it is very difficult to answer. We are saying difficult because if you compare graphics of the current Xbox 360 with the PS3, it will vary from game-to-game, and generally the difference is not that great. It’s all down to the way games are made.
The one way to judge the graphics of both consoles is to look at what is going on under the hood – checking out the GPU, the CPU and the core system memory that run the show.

Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Controllers
Microsoft has done few minor redesign & Kinect redesign. Microsoft claims that they have made more forty improvements. However, most of the changes are related to ergonomics. An integrated battery compartment, new triggers and Wi-Fi Direct will come with the new controller.

PS4 – Moderate redesign and integrated Move
Sony has done some serious changes here. Now, there will be a move light on the controller’s rear, which will function like the
Move motion control ‘sticks’. There is also a share button which lets you share game moments instantly. Sony has given a completely new look to Sixaxis. However, the shape of the controllers is much the same as the current-model.But, now, the users will get more control with a track pad that sits between the D-pad and the buttons.

Xbox ONE Hardware: 

AF_XBOS_vS_PlaySta_2015The Xbox One processor will be based on Jaguar architecture from AMD. It will use an APU with eight x86-64 cores clocked at 1.75 GHz that comes with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with a memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s. However, according to some reports, 3 GB of RAM will be reserved for the operating system and apps for games.

The memory subsystem will also come with an additional 32 MB of “embedded static” RAM, or eSRAM, with a memory bandwidth of 102 GB/s,
The console has a a Blu-ray Disc optical drive and a 500 GB non-replaceable hard drive.
The graphics processing unit (GPU) will run on AMD GCN. It will have a total of 768 cores running at 853 MHz providing an estimated peak theoretical power of 1.31 TFLOPS.

The gaming console will feature Wi-Fi Direct, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n wireless for networking.
The Xbox One will support 4K resolution (3840×2160) (2160p) video output and 7.1 surround sound. The Xbox One will have an HDMI 1.4 for both input and output, however, it won’t support composite or component video.

PlayStation 4 Hardware
The heart of both the console is similar. Both have a processor developed by AMD. The PlayStation 4 will also use an AMD processor. The PS4’s CPU consists of eight x86-64 cores packed with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory which will give the console considerable longevity.
The system can run at a maximum clock speed of 2.75 GHz. The PS4 will also come with a secondary custom chips. This chip basically performs tasks associated with downloading, uploading, and social gameplay.

The PS4 will support photos and videos at 4K resolution, but it is not expected to be able to render games beyond 1080p. The console will have a 500 GB hard drive for additional storage, which can be upgraded by the userg
For networking, the PlayStation 4 will support Bluetooth, 2USB 3.0 ports and WiFi. Users will be able to include an auxiliary port for connection to the PS4’s Camera,
A mono headset, which can be plugged into the DualShock 4, will come bundled with the system.
Who is more powerful?

ATop_XBOS_vS_PlaySta_2015The simple answer is the PS4. Look into the technical reasons mentioned above, it is clear that the PS4 is more powerful.  Do you know the news that the Sony PS4 is (almost) categorically more powerful than the Xbox One is one of the reasons why the PS4 pre-order sold out before the Xbox One’s?  However, it’s worth noting that it’s likely there will only be minor differences in titles released for both consoles. There’s little benefit for a developer in making one version a good deal prettier than the other.  The PS4 will reportedly have more exclusives within its 1st year. Right now, we only have this list of exclusive games available for the PS4.  This is a make and break factor, where PS4 clearly wins.

Xbox One = $499 (U.S), £429 (U.K.) and $599 (Australia).
PS4 = $399 (U.S), £349 (U.K.), €399 (Europe) and $549 (Australia)
PS4 camera, previously known as the PlayStation 4 Eye will cost $59 in the U.S., £54 in the U.K., and $99 in Australia. Even after this, the PS4 is still cheaper.

Sony may have a distinct advantage this holiday season, because it has been priced less than its competitor.
According to Eurogamer, Sony is going to get at around a $60 loss per unit, but it’s a marketing strategy. Actually, Sony is after typical users who buy a PlayStation Plus subscription and at least one launch title. That’s why Sony expects that they’ll turn a profit with the PS4 sooner.

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Section C:  HARDWARE

It’s certainly the neatest of the two consoles; at 275mm wide, 53mm high and 305mm long it makes the 333mm x 78mm x 274mm Xbox One look roughly as svelte as an old VHS video recorder. It’s a sleek design, and while noise levels rise in gameplay with the Blu-ray drive running, it’s usually quiet as well. There’s no external power brick to cram in with your AV equipment, and it’s an absolute doddle to set up. For most of us it’s a question of plugging in the power lead and an HDMI cable, and you’re away.


Like the Xbox One, the PS4 has matt and gloss sections, with the glossy chunk housing the Blu-ray drive, and the matt section concealing two USB 3.0 ports in a central horizontal gulley. The power and eject buttons are touch-sensitive and themselves hidden away in the light-up bar which runs along the top and down the front in-between the two sections, also acting as one massive status indicator. Round the back there’s the HDMI output, and optical audio output, an Ethernet port and an additional USB 3.0 port designed for the PlayStation Eye camera.
It’s what’s inside, however, that has made the most difference in the latest phase of the console wars. Sony played very smart indeed with the architecture of the PS4, not only fixing the major weakness of the PS3 – a reliance on a non-standard, hard to program, proprietary architecture – but also giving the PS4 a surprise advantage over the Xbox One. Where both consoles are based on AMD x86 APUs with eight CPU cores, the PS4’s APU has 18 compute units in the GPU portion to the Xbox One’s twelve. What’s more, where the Xbox One has 8GB of 2133Mhz GDDR3 RAM, the PS4’s APU can get its hands on 8GB of 5500MHz GDDR5. The Xbox One can compensate with a higher CPU clock-speed (1.75GHz to the PS4’s 1.6Ghz), GPU clock speed (853Mhz to 800Mhz) and 32MB of ESRAM cache to speed things up, but that still gives the PS4 more graphics horsepower to play with, not to mention more memory bandwidth.http://goo.gl/etCgrp

The result? Well, we’re still seeing key titles – Dragon Age: Inquisition and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – where the PS4 version runs at a 1080p resolution while the Xbox One version runs at 900p or 720p before scaling. In other cases, as with GTA 5, the PS4 version gets you more detail in the scenery or a slightly smoother frame rate.

The difference isn’t always huge – while you’re actually playing a game, an upscaled 900p doesn’t look that different to 1080p, and even 720p doesn’t look that much inferior with anti-aliasing and layers of lavish effects applied. All the same, the PS4 versions do look better, and there’s a real possibility that, as developers become accustomed to the hardware and start to push the boundaries, Sony’s hardware may give them more headroom for more spectacular visuals. Certainly Sony’s own first-party studios will be working to exploit the PS4’s advantages.
We had some concerns about having this much power inside such a compact box, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any impact on reliability. Tales of PS4s failing remain thin on the ground, and, though occasionally loud, the fans don’t appear to be working overtime.

Section: D   SOFTWARE:
Online Consumers Report: PS4 – Games
The best piece of advice when choosing a new console is that you shouldn’t buy the hardware but the games. Here there’s plenty of good reason to choose Sony. It’s had some excellent triple A first-party titles, including inFamous: Second Son and The Last of Us: Remastered. It’s also had some the pick of the indie games, and that’s something we expect to see repeated next year with No Man’s Sky, The Witness, AlienNation, DayZ and Ryme. The big third-party titles, including Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, generally run better on PS4 as well. Buy a PS4 now and you won’t suffer from a lack of great entertainment.
Yet the crucial Autumn/Winter period has so far seen a dearth of quality exclusives for PS4. While Xbox One owners have been able to shout about Sunset Overdrive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the phenomenal Forza Horizon 2, PS4 owners have been stuck with underachievers like DriveClub and LittleBigPlanet 3. The situation should improve next year with the launch of From Software’s Bloodborne and Sony’s own The Order: 1886, but the PS4 is now under pressure to produce a console-defining killer app. Microsoft has a strong line-up in place for 2015 with more to be announced. Sony needs to match it, if not surpass it.
And that really is the only problem with PS4 right now. There’s enough quality in the third-party line-up to justify a new console purchase today, but not enough great first-party titles to make that purchase automatically a PS4. Buying one now, then, remains pretty much what it was last year: an act of faith that Sony’s more potent hardware will mean better games long-term than you’ll find on Xbox One, and that Sony itself will produce great exclusives that lead the way. With the likes of Uncharted 4, The Order, No Man’s Sky and Bloodborne on their way that’s hardly a shot in the dark, but where last year Sony had the edge on Microsoft, this year’s competition is tight.



More advice/Comments from the Gammers:
Section (A) We take a look at the PS4 a year on from release
From most perspectives, the PlayStation 4 has had a fantastic first year. When the two next-gen consoles launched a year ago, it was Sony that came out on top with both its hardware and its message. The PS4’s games-first focus resonated with both the press and the public, while its combination of hardware, software and services seemed more compelling. Now, close to 14 million units have been sold, outselling the Xbox One by just over one third. A handful of great exclusives have hinted at the console’s power, while third-party titles have generally looked better on the Sony system.

PS4_Xbox One  Video Games.jpeg_InstAll this is true, yet Sony can’t kick back and celebrate quite yet. The last few months have seen the Xbox One beginning to fight back on sales, while the PS4’s games line-up for the all-important holiday season has relied on third-party titles for clout. Sony’s flagship racer, DriveClub, has become something of an embarrassment, and the console’s next wave of big hitters isn’t due until after Christmas. Given all that, is the PS4 still the console to buy?

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After a year, the PS4 still has the sleekest, most powerful hardware, the most intuitive interface and an improved line-up of apps and games. It has streaming capabilities that Microsoft can’t match, with more to come. What it doesn’t have is a killer app that makes the PS4 a must buy, and while it’s better than the Xbox One on most third-party titles, it needs more big and groundbreaking exclusives if it wants to remain this generation’s dedicated games machine of choice.

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