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The purpose of this blog is to open a discussion about importance of “BitCoins” transparency globally, and to increase consumers’ awareness of a new electronic age that is heading our away. For the most consumers like you and myself inclusive need to be aware of this new technological way of spending our money in a new way that is not regulated or not guarantee its value

Definition of Bitcoins: was defined as a system of technological way of making payment with digital software without ever seen the real coin. The anonymous creator of Bitcoin is by name (“Satoshi Nakamoto”), Well, to my understanding in my reasearch of BitCoin no one has ever met with him in person, but accepted his genious creation of BitCoin-money that everyone bought into it, well good luck with that…. Don’t get me wrong on this, it may well turn out to be where our demand and supply of money transaction is going, but, in my observation and judgement it is still going tobe a had press of acceptance to our society is spread all over this planet as far as eye can see.AF_BitCoins_Image2[B.F.I.R-Tampa,FL.USA]

BitCoin idea is wonderful and very convincing, but the operation and safety of your money is still in someone else’s hand. We are talking about millions, billions, and trillions of dollars who would like to loose that king of money in one second, that is because it is all digitized.
Discussions: To me, that sounds like a misery way of trusting individual that we have never met or no their existence with our had working money, with the exception of just looking at in our digital cell-phone, Lab-Top or paper to convince us that we have money, but digitized. The fact that, there is no central authority to control this so called Bitcoin or coins get me worried and not able to trust this kind of systems of payment of transactions of good ands services.
Problems: First of all to be able to use Bitcoins as your system of payment or goods and services, you must have basic accessories, such as camera, Lab Top, cable network provider at all time, otherwise you would not be able to verify your transactions, trade, buy goods and services. You must also have a receiver of your transaction at other end for the price that it worth between two of you.  If the merchant does not have “Bitcoins Logo” at the begining he download it from your Iphone or Ipad.  Now the merhant is ready for business, you now always come to that merchant to buy whatever you need with you “Bitcoins.”  He just need to take a picture of it from you camera. This is what the Logo Looks Like.B.F.I.R_BIT-COINS_SYMBOL
That means, you must have registered with the cable network /cell-phone company. When I really think about it, most average Joe are still struggling to eat or pay their phone bill rent etc., they are not going to be able to subscribed to “Bit coins” at this time, and that population globally represent majority of the consumers that would make Bitcoins to be acceptable as a way of paying for goods and services. That is what I see as one of the greatest treat to “Bitcoins” at this time and in the near future.
In addition to that you must a little bit savvy of you mathematical calculation of what is worth, as to what they told you it is worth.   Many consumers do not like to do math, they would be vulnerable to been ripped off of their had working money.
If we are thinking of accepting Bitcoins for global transactions of goods and services that take place 24/7, it is going to be a rocky road for Bitcoins. Most consumers globally are in the rural areas that have no cell-phone, lap top, cable network, but currently performing transaction with our acceptable currencies, which do not require them to have electronics accessories or difficult math to justify what they are going to paying for goods and services. But, when you think of Bitcoins, you’ve got to have cell phone with good batteries. Otherwise you would not be able to perform your transactions or check your balances.
What I found out from my Bitcoins research is that, it is cheaper to operate Bitcoins than our current regulated system of payment, which I disagreed with, but then no one ever mentioned about the cost of accessories that you are going to have up-front, such as cell-phone, cable, lab-top, which is the basic necessity that is going to be required to operate Bitcoins, and that is going to be part your regular month payment, otherwise, you would not be able to see your digital money availability of fund that is sitting down on your cell-phone or Lab-top screen, as well as not been able to buy goods or services, make payment for your car, mortgage, rent without knowing your balance that is been digitized in Bitcoins.
How then, can we say, it is cheaper to use Bitcoins for our daily transactions? We have not even talked about its safety or exchange rate that fluctuate like our regular bills, not to talk about unregulated system of Bitcoins.
You can make more money by trading BitCoins, you just have to be careful with it.
For my readers of this Blog, here are more questions that you can ask yourself before you signed up for Bitcoins. As long as you can answer these questions satisfactorily then, you would know for sure whether Bitcoins is for you not before singing on to Bitcoins.
  • Definition of “BitCoins” or its Origin
  • The BitCoins inventor or Creator, by name (“Satoshi Nakamoto”)
  • Why “BitCoins?”AF_BitCoins_Image2
  • What is World Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank think of Bitcoins
  • How can consumer use “Bitcoins”
  • Is this an acceptable coin by the World Bank
  • How to buy BitCoin
  • Should you buy BitCoins
  • Who Create BitCoins
  • BitCoins is for the Rich People
  • Cost of Having Bits coin in your wall
  • BitCoins against Worldwide currency
  • What is World Bank is doing about Bits coin Existence
  • BitCoins exchange rate
  • Who mine BitCoins
  • Safety of BitCoins from Hackers
  • BitCoins is for the Rich People
  • Cost of Having Bits coin in your wall
  • BitCoins against Worldwide currency
  • What is World Bank is doing about Bits coin Existence
  • BitCoins exchange rate
  • Who mine BitCoin
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Bit coins have had its ups and downs, but so far people are using it worldwide to process their transaction, but the volume and safety of your money is still questionable

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